The 8 best places to get cheap haircuts (2023)

It's no wonder you're looking for places to get cheap haircuts: according to theProfessional Beauty Association, a woman's haircut today costs $43 and a man's haircut costs $28.

And while it might seem at first glance that men do pretty well when it comes to haircuts, don't forget that men tend to cut their hair twice as often as girls.

I think we can all agree that men's and women's haircuts are eating up a bigger chunk of our paychecks than ever before.

No wonder haircuts are expensive. As astylist explained, owning and running a beauty salon involves a lot of overhead.

Many salons simply charge the necessary fees to cover rent, utilities, and product costs and still make a small profit.

However, the fact is that many people cannot afford a haircut and would like to save money.

If you're feeling pressured because your haircut costs keep going up, then you've come to the right place.


Best places to get cheap haircuts

Honestly, salon services are one of those areas where you generally get what you pay for. However, that doesn't mean you can't find great stylists working in salons and cheaper stores. Here are some ideas.

1. Barbershops

While not as popular as they used to be, old-fashioned local barbershops can still be a great place to get a cheap cut.

While it's true that barbershops are generally geared toward men, there's a good chance you have a unisex barbershop in your town. Just google "unisex barbershops near me" and see what comes up.

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What kind of woman would like to get her hair cut at the hairdresser? Well, first of all, you want to be a lady with a shorter hairstyle, as hairdressing schools train hairdressers to stand out.

If you're a woman with long hair, a barbershop probably won't be a good fit.

Many women who use barbers choose to do so because their husbands or children already have one they use and trust. So everyone can get a haircut at the “family hairdresser” at the same time.

It probably goes without saying, but barbers aren't trained in nail techniques, facials, perms, or skin care. The barbers offer haircuts, and that's about it (unless you also want to shave while you're there).

However, this limited scope is one of the reasons why barbershops can offer such affordable haircut prices compared to full-service salons.

Barbershops are not for everyone. But if you have a shorter haircut and are looking for a budget cut, I recommend visiting your local barber!

2. Cosmetic schools

If you have a cosmetology school near where you live, this can be a great place to get a deeply discounted haircut.

To help beauty students reach the required number of haircutting classes to graduate, beauty schools often have salons that are open to the public.

When you enter one of these salons, you are met by a student who will cut your hair under the watchful eye of your teacher.

Students must complete a certain number of haircutting classes with mannequins before being allowed to serve salon clients.

In other words, you won't get a "freshman". And many training schools allow you to apply for "advanced" students.

We happen to have one of those hairdressing academies just 5 minutes from our house and I used the salon to get my hair cut when I was in high school.

Ranking leads to high motivation and attention

Now I know what you're probably thinking - "I won't let a student cut my hair!"


I can understand your concern. I thought the same thing when I first went to our local beauty school. But as soon as I started cutting my hair, I realized that I had nothing to worry about.

Cosmetology students are some of the most caring and motivated hair stylists you will ever use in your life. And it makes sense if you stop to think about it because they're measured on the work they do.

Take a second to think back to the day you went to the DMV to take your driver's license test. Do you remember how you drove that day? You were the model defensive driver, weren't you?

Of course you were, because there was someone sitting next to you sizing you up for every little direction decision you made. The same principle works in your favor at beauty schools.

The students there really want to get good grades from their teachers. So you can bet they will do their best and pay attention to every detail.

The student who cut my hair was incredibly friendly and kept asking me questions to make sure I was happy with her work.

Oh, and did I mention the cut price? Five dollars.

In preparing for this article, I decided to check current prices at our local hairdressing academy. Sure enough, they still charge $5 per haircut.

Go on your day off, not during lunch time

Is there a downside to beauty schools? Yes, but it doesn't usually happen to cut the hair badly during the visit.

Rather, the main downside to getting a haircut at cosmetology school can be how long it can take to attend.

  • First, many beauty schools only allow walk-ins. For our local school, this often meant long wait times. These long waits were the main impediment preventing me from making our local school my go-to destination for haircuts.
  • Second, you'll get a different hairdresser each visit, with the exception of perhaps a few repeat students here and there. So even if your local school has more manageable wait times, you need to spend more time with each student explaining what type of haircut they want.
  • After all, many times your student will need to get in touch with the professor to review their work. It also slows down the whole process.

When you add all these factors up, the most important thing is that you don't want to go to a salon when you're on a schedule. If you need a "pit stop" experience, you're better off going elsewhere.

But if you can visit on a day when getting in and out quickly isn't important, cosmetology schools can be a fantastic way to save money on your next haircut.

3. Corner stores

We'll see in our next point that discount haircut franchises can be great places to get cheap haircuts. But local independent salons have an advantage over them in that they don't have to pay a franchise fee, which lowers your overhead.

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If you want to save money, look for local salons that don't try to present themselves as "exclusive". High-end salons with beautiful aesthetics and lots of perks are nice, but those extras tend to add to the price of the basic haircut.

Cheap mother-and-child barbershops are more likely to be found in town squares than in freestanding buildings, and often rely on advertising and promotions to attract new business. Check your local coupon book to see if any salons are currently offering deals. be sure to checkgroupEsocial lifefor.

You may find that some of these smaller businesses are also open every day during "happy hour" or on a specific day of the week such as Sunday. B. Tuesdays offer reduced prices.

With a little research, you can find all kinds of money-saving deals that mom and pop salons offer. And you're helping to support local businesses in your community!

4. Discount haircut franchises

While exclusive, full-service salons offer luxurious experiences, they're typically not good for the pocketbook. If you're planning on getting a haircut anyway, why not try one of the modern, no-frills haircut franchises popping up across the country.

Here are some of the most popular ones:

Expect to pay around $15 for a basic haircut and shampoo at any of these franchises. And don't forget to tip!!

5. Work at home style

There are many stylists who prefer to work from home because it gives them the freedom to choose their own hours and fees.

Since these stylists don't have to share their fees with the store, they can offer much more attractive prices. Ask your friends and family if they know of any work-from-home hairdressers.

Make sure the work-at-home stylists you choose are licensed in your state.

6. Salons that need volunteer models

When new barbers are hired by salons, the only way to show off their skills is to get a haircut. Salons often offer free haircuts to people who want to volunteer hair models for these barber "trial wheels".

Another occasion when salons need hair models is when they want to try out a new style that they plan to offer soon.

You will be surprised at the demand for hair model volunteers. In fact,Salonlehrlingis a site dedicated exclusively to matching new stylists with volunteer hair models. If you are interested in becoming a model, just sign up on their website with your email address. They will start informing you about upcoming opportunities.

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7. Charitable partners and events

In addition to the natural stress and anxiety of fighting cancer, many cancer patients also struggle with hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments. This can be very embarrassing and depressing, especially for pediatric cancer patients.

Wigs can be of great help but unfortunately human hair wigs are too expensive for most cancer patients with no money. That's why some big charities are offering free wigs to cancer fighters thanks to hair donations.

Some of these organizations, such asSt. Baldricks, for example, organize “beard” events in the United States. If going bald for a month or two for a good cause doesn't scare you, then go for it.Click hereto find a shave event near you.

wigs for childrenhosts "Cut-A-Thons" where you can choose to get your hair cut or shaved. To learn more about upcoming cut-a-thons in your area or to host an event, visitthis page.

Wigs-for-Kids has also partnered with salons across the country. To find a Wigs for Kids salon partner near you, use mobilesalon survey.

If you have a salon partner nearby, call them before you go to let them know you plan to donate your hair. They will likely offer a discounted price or even a free haircut.

Saving money while helping children and adults with cancer is the best win-win situation!

8. Your own home

I have tried most of the above strategies to save money on haircuts in the past. But, 2 months ago, I finally made the ultimate move to save money - my wife is now cutting my hair. That's right, my monthly haircut cost is now... $0.

If you feel that you or your spouse lacks hair cutting skills, you may be undervaluing yourself. There are an incredible number of instructional videos online that teach you how to cut just about any style you want.

If you're single, maybe you and another money-saving friend can agree to swap haircuts.

For men, a good trimmer only costs between $40 and $80. Remember these are one-time costs. After only 2 or 3 cuts you are already balanced.

And believe it or not, girls can save even more money by doing their beauty jobs at home. My mother-in-law, for example, is an amazing self-taught beautician who cuts and colors my wife's hair whenever needed. It saves us a lot of money!


There are many ways to save money on a haircut, but the common denominator in all these options is that you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone to discover new places that offer you the best price.

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Because so many of us care so much about how our hair looks, it can be hard to muster up the courage to try a new spot.

But there are many talented stylists out there. Give a new apartment a chance and chances are you'll still be very happy when you look in the mirror... and I guarantee you'll be happy when you look in your wallet.

Do you know other places where you can save money on a haircut? Then let us know on Facebook or Pinterest!


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