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Hair coloring is expected to bring a beautiful new look; However, sometimes the end result is not what you originally expected and you just need to go back to your previous color. In this case, using hair bleach is one of the preferred solutions. You can learn more about it in the following postHair color remover before and after.

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  • 1 What is hair color remover?
  • 2 differences in using hair color remover before and after.
    • 2.1 Limitations of Hair Color Remover:
    • 2.2 Instructions for pre-coloring with hair color remover
  • 3 5 Natural Ways to Reduce the Color of Colored Hair does not harm the hair

What is hair color remover?

Hair color remover or hair color remover are products that remove color. The dye that has penetrated your hair strand is effectively and safely removed by the color remover. Because it does not contain ammonia[1]– a harsh chemical used as a pigment bleaching substance and popular in most hair dyes. Hair color remover is very popular with customers who color their hair.

To get the most out of color remover without damaging your hair, you need to choose the right products for your hair. It is strongly discouraged to use hair color remover on a regular basis.

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Discoloration before and after: The secret to removing the dye (1)

Differences in using hair color remover before and after.

Sometimes the decision to color your hair may not produce the exact result you want. You just wish you could go back to your original hair color. You might check for changes in your hair before and after applying the color remover. Hair Color Remover is an effective and safe tool to remove color from your hair. It could also be useful as a step before changing colors.

The hair color remover reverses the color by penetrating the hair strands and altering the structure of the hair color molecules released from the permanent hair color.[2]Before. This change makes the color removable and brings out the natural pigment.

Discoloration before and after: The secret to removing the dye (2)

Hair Color Remover Limitations:

Hair colorThe remover is not a magic all-purpose treatment that could reverse your hair color regardless of other factors. The differences in your hair before and after waxing may not be as pronounced as you would like. Although it is considered an effective and safe product to reverse the color of your hair, the actual use of the color remover is still limited.

  • One thing to keep in mind is that hair color remover cannot do anything to restore bleached hair. Once your hair is bleached, your natural pigment, which is visible after using the color remover, is completely changed. Therefore, it can only show the lightened color of your bleached hair.
  • Because most hair color removers do not contain bleaching ingredients, they may not lighten your hair. (Some hair dye removers contain bleach. You must carefully research the ingredients to choose the right product for your hair.)
  • Some very resistant and intense hair colors, such as red, black, blue or violet, are difficult to remove.
  • Peroxide[3]it is a popular element in most hair dyes. Some low peroxide products, such as B. temporary or semi-permanent colorations are not affected by the effect of hair color removers. The same goes for non-peroxide products like henna or organic dyes. In fact, these color casts are most likely removed naturally through washing. In short, the effect of hair color remover is only more noticeable with permanent hair color.
  • Also, you have to acknowledge that hair dye remover isn't the ultimate magic bullet. Its effect mainly depends on the pigment condition of your hair. Sometimes it doesn't leave perfect hair color as originally. After some time of treatment, the actual hair color may change.
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Discoloration before and after: The secret to removing the dye (3)

Instructions for pre-coloring with hair color remover

Hair color remover is primarily used to remove color to create the perfect base for a color change. Here are some tips you should know.

First of all, you should not apply the permanent hair color immediately after using the hair color remover. Instead, you may need to want until next week. It takes a while for your hair to recover from high porosity after rinsing too much with lukewarm water. This is very important as the porosity could affect the outcome of the paint. The high porosity makes the color darker than expected and easier to wash out.

Second, rinsing is considered a crucial step. It is necessary to shampoo and rinse several times with lukewarm water to remove the color particles. This step needs to be done carefully because if you don't manage to move leftover particles of paint, they will reconnect later and cause the dye to reform instead of fading.

After removing the color with the color remover, you should condition your hair. During the color removal process, your hair dries out. Also, even using a hair dye remover is less harmful than other pre-dye products; It's still not healthy for your hair if you use it too often.

5 Natural Ways to Reduce Colored Hair Color doesn't harm hair

You can also use any of the following five methods to tone down your colored hair.

  • use fresh lemon

Fresh lemon juice is a natural cleansing agent, has the effect of softening hair, and has the ability to fade hair dye.

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If you have just colored your hair but it is a bit dark in color, wash your hair several times with fresh lemon juice to achieve the desired faded color.

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How to do it: After washing your head with shampoo, take the juice of 1 lemon, spread it on your hair and incubate for 5 minutes. Then wash off with lukewarm water. Only after about 5 washes will you find that the original hair color has faded and your dry and messy hair will be greatly improved.

  • Usa-Vitamin C

If your hair is getting too dark, you can reduce the intensity by taking the following vitamin C tablets:

Crush the vitamin C granules into small, fine flakes and mix with filtered water to form a paste.

After moisturizing your hair, use a comb to brush the vitamin C blend into your hair while applying the color to your hair. You must take care to brush the hair down evenly.

Cover your hair for 1 hour and then rinse thoroughly with shampoo and lukewarm water. They have lighter hair than the original. This way it is very safe for your hair.

  • A vinegar

Vinegar not only acts as a cooking spice, but also has the ability to bleach colored hair, which is very effective and safe for the hair.

Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar and shampoo and rub it all over your scalp until bubbles spread throughout your hair.

Then wash your hair with clean water 2-3 times until your hair has no color left. So her hair color has faded a lot.

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  • Use coconut oil or olive oil

Put 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil in microwave oven, heat and then use as shampoo to reduce hair dye color and soften hair.

If you don't have a microwave, you can use a steamer to heat the oil before shampooing. Or you can wash your hair with warm water directly after covering it with coconut oil/olive oil.

  • Use powder detergent

Using detergent to wash your hair may sound like fun, but this is an effective solution when you want to reduce hair color quickly.

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To protect the safety of your skin and eyes, you should not wash your hair in the usual way. Please go to the salon to wash so that the detergent does not come into contact with your skin and scalp.

Or it can be washed at home: dissolve the washing powder in the saucepan, and then beat the foam. Tilt your head down to fully straighten your hair and use the tablespoon of detergent on your hair. Massage it for a while and then rinse with clean water.

Hopefully these instructions will give your hair an amazing "before and after color remover" effect.

You can find more useful information about hair care and hair extensions atsee our website. Or you can just connect us directly with our hotline, facebook page and email.

Discoloration before and after: The secret to removing the dye (4)

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