50+ Cute Relationship Quotes (2023)

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and we all have ups and downs with our loved ones. That is why we have collected these cute relationship quotes just for you.

The way to be the happiest couple is to constantly remind yourself why you started dating this person, what their best qualities are, and act as if you just fell in love with them.

To help you with that, here is a collection of cute, wise, and funny relationship quotes that you can read when your patience is running out, as well as share with your loved one.

True love is not about not giving your partner reasons to be jealous. He tries to make everyone around him jealous.

Do you think choosing trash over treasure is a good choice? Probably not. Well, neither is cheating on your wife with someone who is not worth it.

In a relationship, it is those who love the least who make the law.

There's only one thing you can do with a relationship where you can't be yourself: get it over with.

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You are alone. Don't date people who treat you like you're not.

An unhappy marriage is not the result of an absence of love, but of an absence of friendship.

Good friends are people who know all the stories you can tell. Best friends are part of their stories.

The 40 cute quotes of couples.

Friends are those who know everything about you, and that doesn't stop them from loving you.

Lovesickness is like any other kind of illness: don't take the first pill you find.

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I want to learn the richest language in the world just to express my love for you because apparently English doesn't have those words.

Sometimes I look back on my life and realize that now I am happier than ever because I am in a relationship with you.

I will work hard to build the strongest relationship ever, because I want people around me to wonder how we can still be together.

If you do something in the name of true love, you always win, because love is the strongest power in the world.

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For me, there is never too much of you.

It's funny how someone who once appeared in your life out of nowhere can mean everything to you now.

"Follow your heart, they said." So here I am right in front of you. What am I supposed to do now?

Everyone has a weakness. You are mine.

You fall in love with the countless cute little things the other person does and you don't even realize it.

You fall in love in the blink of an eye, but your whole life seems not to have enough time to spend with your loved one.

Cute relationship quotes for her and him... Just when you think of the perfect person in your life, you meet someone who surprises you with their cute smile. Read these cute relationship quotes to make it easier for you to enjoy that perfect feeling called love!

There is no perfect relationship, just as there are no perfect people. But love, on the other hand, is always perfect.

I've always tried to appear happy, because I've heard it helps me be happier in the long run. But then I met you, and now it comes naturally without any effort on my part.

If you want a strong relationship, start with friendship.

If she really loves you, she's not going anywhere. If she doesn't, you better wish she was.

Give and take is not something you should say about a relationship. Only when both partners try to give as much as possible, true love is born.


60 quotes about love

A lifelong relationship isn't about someone you can live with, it's about someone you can't live without.

The key to building a strong relationship with your partner is to fall in love with them over and over again. Do what you did when you started dating and it will never end.

You may not always hear how others feel about you, but you can always see it.

If something makes me happy, it's knowing that you miss me and think of me too.

If being away from you strengthens my love, then it must last forever.

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Our love is like a ray of light in a dark cave: it gives me hope and strength to carry on in the worst of my days.

Loving you is the second best thing that has ever happened to me. First? meeting with you

It took me a long time to realize that I don't need everyone in the world to like me; You are enough for me not to care about anything or anyone.

I don't have to try to think about you all the time, it comes naturally.

There is no relationship without being hurt: the question is whether the person is worth suffering for.

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The best thing you can do for the person you love is to let them go. If they are not, they have always been yours. If they do, they never loved you anyway.

If you have nothing in the world but a strong relationship with your loved one, you still feel happy and whole.

True love is when you care more about the person than about their feelings for you and your relationship with them.

Mistrust in a relationship is like letting termites into a wooden house.

A physical relationship that lacks love is terrifying like a body without a soul.

The love you give is yours forever; the love you have is lost forever.

In a relationship, two people should not try to mix, because this mix can explode. Instead, they should stick together but be different and respect boundaries. Thus, the relationship will be preserved for years.

I had never put so much time and effort into anyone, but then I met you.

I disclaim any responsibility for what happens after you kiss the back of my neck.

My dream is to become the last woman you will love.

I don't get mad at you very often, but when I do, remember that the only reason I do it is because I love you and care about you.

I just want you to realize that when we met it wasn't by chance, it was meant to be. If I went back in time and our date was deleted, it would happen again, and I would choose you again. Ever.

When two people meet, it's like chemistry: if there is a reaction, both substances change.

Just like a gas-powered car, your relationship is built on trust. If there is no trust, you are not going anywhere. Where does one get confidence, you ask? It comes from knowing that you are loved.

A relationship is the hardest thing in the world because it takes two to build it, and most people can't even agree with themselves.

A relationship is not a reason to try to change something about your partner. It is another opportunity to find the best sides of that person and reveal them to the world.

In a relationship, one has to think not only about what one wants, but also about what others want. Unless there is a commitment, there is no love.

If you are angry with your loved one for something, take a closer look. There is a possibility that you are angry with yourself.

Three rules for a happy relationship: never try to change people, never expect them to change, never settle for someone you don't love just the way they are.

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People start to love someone at the point where they're not sure if they like them or not, but they can't let go.

Immediately after the breakup may be the best time to ask yourself what it is and where it is going, since it must have changed.

Sometimes a relationship, love, mutual understanding is to give each other space and spend time alone, only to start loving each other even stronger, to bring new ideas and feelings, to value yourself even more.

People tend to criticize their loved ones for the things they have problems with. Think about that.

Never ignore someone who truly loves and cares about you, or one day you might realize that while you were counting the stars, you lost your moon.

Commitment is when you keep your promises long after you're in the frame of mind you made them.

The people you should be with are not the ones who bring out the best in you, or the ones who bring out the worst, or the ones who try to change you. The people you will be truly happy with are the ones who will bring out the best in you, make you believe in yourself, be brighter, and enjoy your life.

If you love two people at the same time and you only have to choose one, let go of the first and stay with the second: you couldn't have fallen in love with them unless the first was not the real one.

Sometimes you feel butterflies in your stomach and that's how you say you're in love; Sometimes it's the pain that makes you realize the same thing.

Choose your partner carefully: there aren't many people out there worth pestering all day until you die.

I want one of my fingers to remind me that you are mine for the rest of my life.

You may not have common interests and not a single thing you love and still be in a relationship: the key is to love each other.

A happy ending is not something I want in my relationship. I don't want any ending, not a hard and painful ending, because that's the only way I know I've truly loved.

If two people are in love, nothing can stop them from getting closer. If one of them isn't there, there's no way they're going to stay.

If love is not unlimited, if it doesn't seem crazy, if it doesn't require sacrifice, then it's not true love. True love is an irresistible power, and that power has no end, no shame, and no sin.

Sometimes I can't be by your side, and sometimes I choose other people over you, but I miss you in the middle of long trips and office meetings, and I regret my decision every time I lose a place in my schedule. someone else than you

A real relationship is when your man does not make you jealous of others, quite the opposite.

When other people are jealous of your relationship, it makes you so much cuter, right?

You know you're in a good relationship when your man makes other women jealous of you.

When your man cheats on you, just tell yourself that he is picking up trash for you.

You should know that a cheating man is definitely not cute in any relationship.

So let me tell you: if your relationship isn't going to last, there's no use wasting energy on it.

If you think the problem is you, surely you're wrong, it's him, he's to blame.

Never get carried away by people who don't care, just live life the way you want it to be lived.

If you want to control your relationship, you should always be the person you love least.

Don't start a relationship if you have to pretend to be someone you're not, relax.

I believe that there is nothing better than a friend than a friend who has chocolate.

Honestly, the best way to heal your broken heart would be to spend time with your friends.

At one point or another, one of the two friends will fall in love with the other person.

I think I suffer from a disease of always being the neighbor, nobody loves me.

I'm probably too happy to be alone and that's why I'm always in the friend zone.

I would like to tell people that some relationships make you forget what happiness really is.

I am in a serious relationship with myself and no one can stop me from always being happy.

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It gives me a lot of courage, loving you with everything I have, with everything I am, darling.

Dear girls, I hope you know that you don't need people who don't need you, remember that.

I think we became lovers because we know what it's like to have crowds jealous of the two of us.

I want relationships that encourage me to be strong and make my own decisions in life.

If a relationship allows you to become the best person you can be, then you need to move on.

But it's amazing how well you know the person you sleep with at night. Do you know him?

An honest relationship with the core just doesn't exist, I doubt it ever will, it's just too impossible.

I want people to know how many boyfriends I have, I want to write them down and share them.

Your prince charming is not just around the corner, you may have to kiss some frogs along the way to find him.

I think we only accept the love we think we deserve, yes, that's right.

For my friends, I am ready to do anything, so I value my relationship with them very much, with all my heart.

I still long for a love that will never grow old in me, a love that will last a lifetime.

If you are treated like everyone else and nothing special then you are not to be loved.

How do you know if your relationship is important? It's when you call him at 4 in the morning and he answers.

When a relationship ends, it doesn't mean that love also ends, what hurts is the pain.

If you want to be someone, you have to learn to block out all voices except your heart.

What you need to love is someone who is the complete opposite of you but loves you anyway.

I don't think there is ever a perfect love, only an imperfect love for you, darling.

Some days, I feel like we're made for each other, while other days, I just want to be alone.

If someone finally understands you, you should never let them go, never in your life.

Happiness is being able to raise a family wherever you go, whenever you go.

After a while all you want is to be able to be with the person who makes you laugh.

After all, humor is the way to a girl's heart, make her laugh until you make her yours.

I honestly believe that friendship is the best relationship, finding someone who knows you and accepts you in the same way is truly the best there is.

I guess that's why they're called crushes, because they break your heart and all that.

What makes marriages unhappy? I think it's because of the lack of a proper relationship, you know.

If I died tomorrow, I would die happy because I met an honest person like you.

I'd rather die now than live a life where I don't know who you are.

Even when you are alone, remember to love only when you are ready for it.

Love is fabulous, it makes people happy, and happy relationships are the best.

When you love someone, you start to make your rules and you adapt to the person you love.

When the time comes to be in a relationship, I'll keep praying that it's with the right person, because I don't want a divorce, ever.

You start to let your guard down every time he is around because now you are his.

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If you can't be yourself in a relationship, you better get over it.

I hope you know that you are special and that someone will love you soon.

I want to learn to express my love for you in the most romantic way possible, my love.

When I look back on my past, I smile because I see that I am happier now that we are in a relationship together than being alone like before.

I think loving you was the best choice I've ever made and I'm still grateful that we entered into this relationship.

I find it funny that a person who suddenly appeared in my life has become everything to me.

People say I must follow my heart, but there you are, my heart, my love, so what do I do now?

If you are doing things in the name of true love, believe me when I tell you that you will win.

Honestly, I think I will never get tired of you, your smiles and your love.

There is no one that is perfect or a perfect relationship, but I love being with you and that is what matters at the end of it all.

If you're in a strong, mutual relationship that lasts a long time, you should start out as friends.

If he loves you, he will never leave you and go somewhere else, he will stay for you.

It doesn't take long to realize and appreciate those who love you with all their hearts.

No relationship comes with a guarantee, everything comes with some angst, trust me.

Some days you wish you were in a relationship, but you could also have one with yourself, right?

The best thing you can do for the person you love is to let them go and see what they do.

I love it when he looks into my eyes and I can see how much he loves me in them.

It was the way he held my hand and the way he kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

I didn't expect to fall in love with him, but here I am, loving him with everything in me.

Distance wouldn't matter if two people really loved each other with everything they have.

I think true love is answering a call at 3 am in the dead of winter.

There should be no room for suspicion in a happy relationship, keep the faith.

Trust is one of the main foundations of a good and solid relationship, remember that.

The basis of a relationship should be trust, love and happiness, all or nothing.

Love is caring about your relationship with someone and doing everything possible not to ruin it.

Being honest is a form of love that not all people can express; Might be worth a try.

Sometimes the strongest relationship is the one that has stood the test of time and patience.

Patience is very hard to give, especially when you want to see that person every second.

Let their personalities mingle, let them collide, let them explode until they finally blend together.

I want to take responsibility for loving you, for keeping you happy today until I finally die.

Loving you was one of the best decisions I'm glad I made and with each passing day I fall more in love with you.

I couldn't go on without you because our relationship is based on presence.

When you love someone, you want to be around them all the time and I know how that feels.

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Have you ever fallen in love with someone who makes you laugh even when you are helpless? If so, I hope you never let go.

Humor is the way to a woman's heart, so maybe you should practice your jokes in order to have a happy relationship with her.


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